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05.o2.10: A Starry Night in Paris...

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05.o2.10: A Starry Night in Paris... Empty 05.o2.10: A Starry Night in Paris...

Dear Diary,

Bonjoir Today is the day. This is the moment. The moment that we third year have waited for. It’s our first ever JS Prom. Well, I’m not that excited still I can’t feel the spirit of Js prom. I woke up this day at 10:30 pm. Still, im not that ready. My mom looks more excited than me when I woke up she told me to take a bath at 11. Ohh! Very early. But its okay. After I took a bath, my mom starts to fix my hair. Curl here. Curl there. Hahah that was fun. After that, my mom and Tita put colors into my face and woahlah! I look gorgeous. ?! hahah. I admit I love my look. I really love it. Since my tito is a photographer he started taking some pictures of me. We went on the roof top of our house and we have our pictorial before I went to the prom. That time, it was very windy. My curly hair keeps on covering my face. But the wind really helps me to put some “windy effects” hahaha. Laughing

Now, that I’m ready we immediately went to the venue. It’s in Al Majlis, Sheraton Hotel in Doha Qatar near the cornich. The theme of our prom in “A Starry Night in Paris” or in French “ Une nuit etoile a Paris”. The gentlemen were so gorgeous and handsome while the ladies were so beautiful and enamor. They look elegant with their suit and shining shimmering gowns. Exactly 6pm the program started. Of course it starts with the prayer followed by the runway of the Junior and Senior followed by the speeches given by very important guests. Then, we watched a video related to seniors. And then Ate joy passed the Key of responsibility to Ian. After that it’s eating time. Wohoo! The most awaited part. Hahaha. I get different colors of dessert. I have color pink, yellow,brown,green etc. hahah. That was so cute and it really tastes good. I admit I’m not comfortable of eating wearing a gown. It’s like the gown won’t fit to me anymore. I’m also having a hard time to breathe while eating co’z m tummy gets bigger. I really ate a lot. Well that’s 480Qr its expensive so you need to drain all the food you get. After eating, we 3rd year level had our French minuet dance and the fourth year had a romantic dance. Dance here, Party there, Dance there, Roll here, Roll there. Waaa! It was very fun. After the 3 minutes dancing “I’ll Be” the emcees requested us to sit down because they are going to announce the Prom King and Queen. Felicitaions to Ms. Anne Janeth Marasigan~Prom Queen queen and to Mr. Olan Viesca~Prom King king. Afterwards, the King and Queen open the dance floor. Wohoo! And the party started. Dance!Dance!Dance!Dance! Tugshh! Uyeah! Party hard. We keep on dancing. Shouting. Turning. Wohoo! I really really enjoy! By the way, thanks for all the gentlemen who danced with me. This day is one of my unforgettable nights. Thank you very much. I’ll never forget this night. And this time I can say that I can really feel the spirit and presence of prom. Still, I’m having a hangover. The night ends up with the song entitled “Never say Never by The Fray”. I’m now waiting for the next prom next year.

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