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Mitsu Academy

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Mitsu Academy Empty Mitsu Academy

Post by Katt on Wed Sep 01 2010, 09:29

Mitsu: Hiya, my name's Mitsukei Keitaru and my world's always spinning around! You wanna know my dream? It's to be a world class Ninja Just Like My grandfather! I'm going to do it too!

Mitsu Academy!
Episode 1:
Let The School Year Begin!

A young girl in Ninja's clothing walks up to an old building. Sho knocks on the gate but nothing seems to happen.

Mitsu: (blinks and tilts her head) Hm...Maybe it's like an entry exam...maybe I have to get over the gate. (starts spinning her bag to toss it over the gate)

A booming voice suddenly comes from the dragon carving on the gate, scaring young Mitsu up a tree.

Gateskeeper: State Your Name And Business, Girl!

Mitsu: YIPE! (dashes up the tree then peaks down from behind the leaves) Uuuuhhhmm. M-my name is Mitsukei Keitaru. I'm a student here attending classes with Kura Sensei.

Gateskeeper: ...You May Enter

Mitsu: (jumps down and grabs her things then finally meets up with her teacher and class...of three other people)

Kura Sensei: Alright, so I see we're all here. Now why don't you all tell me your names and fields.

Boy: Toko Tokato, Stealth!

Boy: Lee Marucho, Combat!

Boy: Ichigo Morimoto, Stealth!

Mitsu: Mitsukei Keitaru, Secret Arts Combat!

Everyone suddenly looks at Mitsu like she's insane.

Mitsu: Uh...what?

Kura: You do realize you have to have passed the Ichidori Exam to take that class correct?

Mitsu: I know. I passed it with flying colors.

Kura: Uh-huh are you sure this isn't a joke?

Mitsu: What do you mean?

Ichigo: You kiddin'?! You have a reputation as the clutziest ninja in the region!

The three boys begin to laugh at the poor girl who simply looks away out of sorrow. But then looks up out of rage.

Mitsu: (balls her hand into a fist that begins to tremble) The...the reason I'm here is to become what I've always wanted. I want to be a world class ninja just like my what if I passed the exam by a fluke...I STILL PASSED AND THE RULES SAY IF I PASS I CAN TAKE THE COURSE! I'll train hard every day and won't rest until I reach my goal. So teach me or not, it'll be YOUR honor that's tarnished not my own.

Kura: (crosses her arms and looks down on Mitsu) ...Hm...she's right.

Boys: WHAT?!

Kura: She's 100% correct. You three could learn a little something from her.

Mitsu: (sticks her tongue out at the boys)

Boys: EH?! (faint)

Mitsu: (giggles)

Kura: (sighs) Then let this bloodbath begin...Alright, you four, official training begins tomorrow so get ready for it. Go to your rooms and get some rest. We're getting up nice and early. (turns and walks away)

3 AM. Kura and her class are leaping through the treetops

Kura: Come on, you three, step it up! You're going to let Mitsu get ahead of you?

Mitsu: Yeah, you're going to let me get ahead of you?! (slips up and her eye twitches) Eh? Oh no...(falls to the ground below) Uuuuuhhhhhhnnnnn....@.@

Ichigo: Hah! Loooser!

Kura: (stands in front of Ichigo then plucks him on the forehead without looking, causing him to fall from the branch)

Ichigo: Doof! Aaaaaaahhhh @_@

Kura: Any more wise guys?

Lee and Toko shake their heads and follow Kura as she continues while Mitsue helps Ichigo up with a smile then gets back up in the trees and tries to catch up.

Kura: (thinking while leaping) I may just have the sorriest class in the school...but at least there'll never be a dull moment.

(To Be Continued...)
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Mitsu Academy Empty Re: Mitsu Academy

Post by Katt on Wed Sep 01 2010, 09:32

Mitsu: My dream is so close to realization! I got into the school and now I'm going to begin training immediately! All it takes is hard work and determination! I'm going to be a world class ninja, you bet on it!

Mitsu Academy!
Episode 2:
Basic Training!

Mitsu seems to be waiting at the front of Kura Sensei's door. When Kura opens it, she's suprised to see Mitsu standing there.

Kura: EH?! Keitaru, what are you doing at my house?!

Mitsu: You look suprised but...oh, you're just kidding. A real ninja would have known I was here from the moment I arrived...maybe even before! Remember, you told us to get up early and you'd meet us. Well I went to class but no one was there so I came to see if something happened.

Kura: (eye twitches) Uh...sure. Well, Mitsu, I didn't mean that early. I just meant to be to class on time.

Mitsu: Well it is my duty as a ninja to be up and about so I'm always prepared for any situation!

Kura: Eheheheh I admire your enthusiasm, Mitsu (Thinking) Not to mention you have the energy of an angered bull. But you didn't have to get up this early. You're only a student.

Mitsu: Oh. Well may I walk to the Academy with you?

Kura: Eh sure...(starts walking with Mitsu then thinks about something) Wait...Mitsu, how did you neutralize the traps?

Mitsu: Traps? (takes a step and the ground sinks below her then sudden drops out from under her, making her tumble down a pitfall) Eeeeeehhh @_@

Kura: -_-' Well, one thing can be said about her. She sure doesn't bruise easy.

Later, at the Academy

Kura: Alright, everyone, listen up. This week we'll be going over Arts. They're powerful ninja techniques. Today we'll go over the Art of Invisibility. There are a bunch of ways to perform this Art. My personal favorite is through the use of speed. But other ninjas would rather manipulate the opponent's blind spot for this Art.

Mitsu: (raises her hand) Kura Sensei?

Kura: What is it, Mitsu?

Ichigo: This should be good.

Mitsu: Isn't it called Shadow Walking when you use Invisibility via the blind spot of your opposition?

Kura: Very good, Mitsu. I see you did your homework in your last school. Yes, it is called Shadow Walking. While more difficult, Shadow Walking is far more efficient.

Ichigo: Tch, know it all...

Kura: I'm sorry, Ichigo, is there something you'd like to say?

Ichigo: Actually...(remembers being plucked off of the tree with ease)

Kura: I'd like to see you after class if you don't mind, Ichigo. Now, you four double up and I'll get to teaching you the basics of invisibility both ways.

Lee pairs up with Toko leaving Mitsu and Ichigo as a group.

Ichigo: Man...

Kura: Alright, first off...Speed Invisibilty. It's not as long lasting as Shadow Walking and is good mostly just when you're trying to avoid being hit while throwing jabs, kicks, or punches of your own. Focus all of your Mana to your feet. (bows her head and holds her hands somewhat in a praying position.)

Ichigo: I'll go first. (mimics Kura Sensei)

Kura: Make sure the flow is balanced. To little and you won't be doing much of anything enough. Too much and you'll be even slower than when you start. Then just try a quick dash. (vanishes from sight and reappears on the roof)

Ichigo: (grins and tries to dash but falls to the ground like a cinderblock) What?!

Mitsu: Uuumm...I don't think you're doing that right.

Ichigo: Ya think?!

Mitsu: Le'me try. (concentrates. feels the mana flow of her body and focuses on her feet then vanishes but accidently winds up in mid air and lands on Ichigo) Uuuuuhhhhn @_@

Ichigo: Ooooohhh @_@

Kura: (sighs) I had to get THIS class this year.


Mitsu: (looking through an old chest in the dojo) Hm...I can't find it. Where's the book?

Ichigo steps in with the other boys.

Ichigo: Looking for this? (holds up a black book)

Mitsu: Hey, you give that back!

Toko: I think you should give it back to her, Ichigo. She might fall again.

Lee: Yeah, we don't want her to cry.

Mitsu: What do you want now?

Ichigo: You got me in trouble with Kura Sensei!

Mitsu: Me?! You were the one being a jerk!

Ichigo: Whatever. So now that I have you at my mercy with your precious book...I challenge you to a fight! Winner keeps the book. And for your sake, you'd better hope you win...Mimi.

Mitsu: Mph... Shocked

Ichigo: Yeah, I read some of it and there's no telling what other, juicier, things there are in here. (starts opening the book)

Mitsu: Fine!

On the dojo floor

Mitsu: (bows)

Ichigo: (stands there with his arms crossed) What is this, a joke? I'm not bowing for you.

Lee and Toko: Go!

Ichigo: (runs up to Mitsu and gets ready to throw a punch)

Mitsu: (hastily vanishes and falls on re-entry, accidentally tripping Ichigo)

Ichigo: Wha? (hits the floor) Oof! (quickly gets up)

Mitsu: (dodges Ichigo's flurry of punches then does a backflip on which she slips and accidentally kicks Ichigo in the jaw, throwing him up) Huh? (lands on her head) Uuuuhhhn @_@

Ichigo: (gets up and makes a run for the book) Hehe.

Mitsu: (snaps out of it and reaches for the book)

Suddenly the book vanishes and is in the hands of Kura Sensei, herself.

Mitsu: Sensei!

Kura: Would you two like to tell me what you're doing?

Ichigo: Uh...She challeneged me to a fight!

Mitsu: WHAT?! No I didn't! He stole my book and challenged ME! He said that if I didn't fight him, he'd keep it!

Kura: Sounds like him...But in any case, fighting on the Academy grounds is prohibited. BOTH of you, are in trouble.

Mitsu: Oooh...

Ichigo: What?! Again?!

Kura: You two come with me. Lee, Toko go home. Class is over.

Lee and Toko: (nod) Yes Ma'am! (bolt)

Ichigo: What?! You're just gonna ditch me?! Ya bunch of wimps!

Kura: (grabs Mitsu and Ichigo's wrists and drags them off)

(To Be Continued...)
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