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Circadian Episodes of Me

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  • 20100726
    Dear Diary,

    .Whew! long time no write my beloved diary. how are you? Very Happy btw, would like to say sorry because i haven't feed you for the past few days? oops. or should i say, months Shocked Very Happy . but don't worry i'm back. and i assure you that you will be hungry anymore.

    I'm very thankful today, because God given me...

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  • 20100409
    Dear Diary,

    Wohoo! Thanks God- we're done with our exams.. I am so thankful that God allowed to me share and met Third Year Amethyst. Being with you guys is one the most precious moments that I will treasure. Thank You because I really learned a lot from You. Oops! I'm emoting too much:))

    Well, this day was so fun. It was the best day Ever! Villagio Invasion of Amethyst cheers Wohoo! We played, we ate, we played, we take picture, we played. Hahaha. Playing in Entertaiment Zone was great. "Bang!...

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  • 20100224
    Dear Diary,

    Hahah. This day was so great! You know why? We don’t have classes because it’s teachers` day! Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate! Whew! When I arrived at school my classmates was too busy doing nothing. No one’s holding a notebook. No one’s reading a book. No one’s writing. Waa! All of us we’re chatting with our friends. One of my classmates, Jamaica, brought a balloon for our decorations and we tried to make a dog shape. Lorenz was able to make a sword out of that balloon. Wow! At 7:00 we proceed to the classrooms assigned to us to guard...

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  • 20100224
    Dear Diary,

    Wohoo! It’s our time to shine. It’s Students Day! Hahaa! Honestly this day was great. I’m so proud of my classmates who suddenly transformed into a teacher. They were the one who taught new lessons and new information’s to us. LA and Jaena as Maam Claire, Jaja as Maam Eva, Keith as Maam Marlene, Bernard as Maam Dang, Michella as Maam Noemi, Aldous as Sir Jacob, Jumela and Nicole as Sir Caballero, Ian and Lalaine as Maam Rose, Lorenz as Sir Patubo, and the SSG officers are the highest officials like Billy as Maam Pal. The funny thing was we’re...

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  • 20100217
    Dear Diary,

    What a wonderful day! >.< It was so hot this day. Brownout! wohoo! We don't have our class for 3 subjects. Cool. hahah! We keep on eating ice cream. Yum!Yum!Yum! cheers But after that exactly Social Studies the electricity went back. Argh! So we had our quiz and I don't even study or browse my Social Book. hahaha! I got only 6 over 10 plus 1 bonus. hahaha~fail! The same as math time we had our seatwork and discuss...

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  • 20100215
    Dear Diary,

    Happy Valentines day! Wohoo! What a wonderful day! We had our morning assembly led by I- Turquoise. It started with a doxology prayer entitled "Give Thanks". This song really touches my heart. When I sang this song a tears fell down into my eyes.Thanks to God for giving us another day and allowing us again to celebrate a Valentines day! English time!~ teacher Claire doesn't discuss anything, but she gave us a task and that is to write a letter to our special someone. shhh!

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  • 20100213
    Dear Diary,

    Wohoo! This is the last day of our intramural. This morning we watched the search for Mr. and Miss Palakasan 2010 of PSD. Wow! All the candidates of every year deserve to win the crown. There were so talented, beautiful ladies, gorgeous gentlemen, and fantabulous. Olan Viesca from “RED TAMARAW” won the title “Mr. Palakasan 2010” and Michelle Del Carmen from “YELLOW TIGER” won the title “Ms. Palakasan 2010”. Congratulations to all the candidates. Felicitations. After that, every team started to prepare for the most awaited...

    by sigridlouise - Comments: 2 - Views: 838
  • 20100212
    Dear Diary,

    This is our second day of intramural. This is such a great day! Wohoo! Even though I feel bored coz we just stayed in the gym and usher the judges I still manage to enjoy this day. The theme for today was "Literary Musical". Many contestants join different contests, like debate, lip sync, vocal solo, duet and etc. Congratulations to all the contestant. To all "RED TAMARAW" contestant keep up the good work. Congratulations! Wohoo! In the afternoon, the basketball match between the Red Tamaraw and Blue Eagles started. The fight was so close. Thanks...

    by sigridlouise - Comments: 0 - Views: 313
  • 20100211
    Dear Diary,

    Wohoo! what a day! It's the first day of our intramural. I really enjoy this day even though my hypogastrium hurts. Well, anyway i can't feel it when the intramural started. Laughing The mentors asked us to fall in line in court A according to our team color and we had our march going to the gym. All the team colors cheer for their team. For the first year - White Lawin, Second year- Yellow Tirgers, Third Year- RED TAMARAWS , and Fourth Year- Blue Eagles. The noise almost covered the whole gym....

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  • 20100208
    Dear Diary,

    This day is kinda boring. I don't know what to do. Boredom Strikes! We don't have class this day. Wohoo! I can rest and rest and rest and rest. This day I did lazy works. Soundtripping, Sleeping, Surfing the Net. Eat and Eat and Eat and Eat!Wohoo. What a day! hahaha. Well, I really enjoy this day. Argh! Tomorrow we do have our class. Well, Amethyst welcome back to the reality. Still, I'm having a prom hangover. ~LOL. That's all for today. See yah tomorrow. ~bow! Oh by the way I got many comments in Facebook about my photos. Thank you for your good comments. I'm flattered....

    by sigridlouise - Comments: 0 - Views: 201
  • 20100208
    Dear Diary,

    Lalalala! OMG! I'm still having a prom hangover. ~lol. All the happiness, enjoyment, crazy things that was happened last night are still glued in my mind. If only I could stop the time I would do it. That night is amazing. Waaa! Prom hangover. bounce Laughing.

    It's alright. I'll be alright.


    by sigridlouise - Comments: 0 - Views: 204
  • 20100207
    Dear Diary,

    Bonjoir Today is the day. This is the moment. The moment that we third year have waited for. It’s our first ever JS Prom. Well, I’m not that excited still I can’t feel the spirit of Js prom. I woke up this day at 10:30 pm. Still, im not that ready. My mom looks more excited than me when I woke up she told me to take a bath at 11. Ohh! Very early. But its okay. After I took a bath, my mom starts to fix my hair. Curl here. Curl there. Hahah that was fun. After that, my mom and Tita put colors into my face and woahlah! I look gorgeous. ?! hahah. I admit...

    by sigridlouise - Comments: 0 - Views: 413
  • 20100205
    Dear Diary,

    *Sigh. The whole day we just have our practice. French dance here, Cheer dance there, Cotillion here. Grr. I'm so tired. I just want to sleep this day. But still I'm happy:) Im' very very happy.

    Still I'm not sure. Asking me if my mind is totally fixed. Sigh.

    Quote for the day:
    "It's not wrong to give it all for love; it's not wrong to love a person so much. Sometimes, the only thing wrong is...

    by sigridlouise - Comments: 0 - Views: 208
  • 20100203
    Dear Diary,

    Another exhausting day! Gaahhh! Im so tired. I’m so exhausted. My feet are really hurt. Imagine, we wear heels for almost 3 hours. It’s during the practice of our French dance and for the JS. We keep on turning and turning and turning and turning. Sigh* this morning I-Opal led us during our morning assembly together with their gorgeous adviser, Sir Randy Nilles. This morning when I arrived at school, something is bothering me. Well, never mind co’z that will just ruin my day. I just enjoy my life to the highest level. No Problem. No Problem.

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  • 20100202
    Dear Diary,

    Just another ordinary day, when I arrived at the school, I feel so cold. OMG! I forgot my jacket at home. I'm tremulous with the cold air. By the way thanks for the gift from Louie and Lorenz. Thank You so much. I love it very much.

    It’s already 6:50 when we went at the gym for the morning assembly. As usual we have our daily routine. From Prayer until Please don’t stop the music dance taught by Mr. Patubo. The whole day, we just checked our 3rd quarter exam test papers. And thank God I don’t have failing grades. I am contented with my score and...

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  • 20100201
    Dear Diary,

    This day was so great. The whole day we just have our practice for our Cheer dance and Prom. Even though it’s very exhausting, this day gave me a lot of energy to enjoy. I just set aside first all the nuisance problems and enjoy this day. We had our cheer dance practice from 7:45-12:30. And Whoah! the heat of the sun almost burned our precious skin. All of us were wearing jacket because we’re afraid that our skin will be uneven. Funny isn’t? Well, we are just protecting our skin for our Js Prom because it’s unsightly to have an uneven skin, Right?...

    by sigridlouise - Comments: 2 - Views: 197
  • 20100129
    Dear Diary,

    Horay!wohoo! Examinations were already done Thank You Lord God for helping us in our 3 days nightmare. Well I admit that all of the subjects were very hard. I don’t have much time to review because I’m not feeling well when I reviewed. *Sniff.Cough! Waa. My nose is clogged. I can’t breathe normally. But anyway it’s alright. Yesterday, I’m so low bat! After the exam we have our career orientation but honestly I don’t listen I don’t even understand the speakers. The mikes were not functioning well. After that we have our JS prom seminar...

    by sigridlouise - Comments: 8 - Views: 237
  • 20100131
    Dear Diary,

    I want to thank Lord God for giving me this wonderful day. Even though its not yet my Special day. God allows me to celebrate it advance. My mom woke me up at 8:30 am~ woo! So early. We went to souq to get my dress for our Js Prom on Friday. Well, I’m not that excited. I just don’t know why. So are you excited? Hmm... I think your answer will be YES! I love my Gown very much. Simple but elegant to see. [LOL] Time runs so fast and I don’t even noticed that it’s already 12:30. I need to get dressed before 1 pm because we have a trip in aspire together...

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  • 20100124
    Normal day!Smile We have our regular class:) Review here.Review there. Sigh! I'm so tired. But this day was great! I'm so thankful to God for giving me another day to spent with my friends and family. But during P.E time was different. We have our practical test which gave us butterflies in our stomach. Congratulations to "Fan Dance" and " Lakukuracha" Groups who got perfect 100 in this particular test. Good job Guys! But ofcourse Congratulations also to the remaining groups! Goodjob also guys!...

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  • 20100122
    This is my first post in this section. Just want to express what I feel and what happened throughout the day.

    6:35 am when I arrived in our school. The first persons I saw was Keith and Lorenz roaming around the school and looking for something. I saw Earl and he helped me carried my bag going' to our classroom. When I arrived there, my classmates were too busy reviewing for Long Test in TLE. 6:45am it’s time to go to the gym for our morning assembly. We thought that we will be the first section who will be there but suddenly someone shouted that it was a false alarm~fails!...

    by sigridlouise - Comments: 7 - Views: 254
  • 20100123
    *Yawn. I woke this day at 11:00 am. Thanks God for giving us another life for this day. I have no accomplishments for this day. Including assignments and project in V.E. I haven't review yet for the Third Quarter Exam.Waa...

    Love.Love.Love damn that word.It crackles our mind so with utter suspense. It brings no peace and it bothers you sleep.” This feelings cause so much pain in our heart but why is it we keep on loving someone even though he/she tears our heart into pieces? Sigh.Sigh. Sigh.<3<3<3 </3<3<3<3 I do love You very...

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