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02.05.10 ~ Promenade '10

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02.05.10 ~ Promenade '10 Empty 02.05.10 ~ Promenade '10

Oh yeah. Prom is here. First Prom for the Juniors and the last for the Seniors. Despite of some boring parts of the Promenade still we had fun, especially when they opened the dance floor. And I'll be, your crying shoulder... I'll be the greatest man of your life...This was the song that opened the dance floor for the seniors and juniors. First on the dance floor was our Prom King and Queen, respectively, Mr. Olan Viesca and Ms. Jaja Marasigan, then the other couples followed. Dance, dance, dance... La-La-La... We were like going crazy in the dance floor but heck! We had fun. There were lots who cried that night. Maybe because of happiness and sadness. Honestly, I also felt sad in the last 3 dances since the songs were pretty sad Sad. But never mind that! This year's Promenade was a great success!

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