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05.02.10: Junior - Senior Promenade

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05.02.10: Junior - Senior Promenade Empty 05.02.10: Junior - Senior Promenade

05.02.10: Junior - Senior Promenade

Finally, the most awaited day. The JS prom. Excited much? When I first entered the Al Majlis at Sheraton, I can't wait for the event to start especially that dance part. Things happened, Cotillion, Presentations and more. Well, the awarding part was very, well, shocking. Well, at least for me. Then the most awaited part, the dancing time. First dance, of course, the date for the night. The song then was very sentimental, a minus-one of the song I'll be. Though, i must admit I was actually pressured between who will I dance the first. Then songs came one after another, the students were dancing to the music. IT WAS PERFECTLY EPIC. Never had much fun with students of PSD than that night. I danced mostly with the girls of Amethyst. Thought I had other plans, I failed to do it. But the one girl that made the night extra special, for me, was that prom queen. Of course, what kind of guy wouldn't be happy to be dancing with the "queen" of the night. Although I danced with her, I actually wasn't satisfied, because it was only for a short time, though we danced twice, but still, not one song was finished. Neutral

Anyways, I got home at about 1:30 in the morning, can't help but remember all the things worth being remembered at the prom. I love high school life.

Note: Congrats to the winners, :* papa Olan ahah Smile)


Thank you, every single one of the people who attended that event.

love much =]

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05.02.10: Junior - Senior Promenade :: Comments


Post on Sat Feb 06 2010, 18:30 by eneri06

i really enjoyed last night. it was amazing. i didn't expect it was going to be that grand and that the prom queen would be my dearest u soooo much FAN!

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Post on Sat Feb 06 2010, 18:33 by Beejay1231

I enjoyed it too. I didn't imagine promenades were like that. I didn't expect the whole memory scene where a slideshow of the Senior Year Level's memories were shown. My inner self broke into tears just having the thought that we would have that next year. But still, we should enjoy life. No one can escape the cascade that is time. And, although my head ached during the start of the dance event, it wore off after about 3 songs and I was able to dance and enjoy the night. Very Happy

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Post on Sat Feb 06 2010, 18:42 by cuteako27

Yeah! I had fun last night too. Never imagined it to be like that.

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