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Post by akosicarlosenesio>:] on Thu Jul 15 2010, 02:30

Okay, so here is the contest. All you have to do is just to advertise this forum. ADVERTISE this forum to whoever person you know or do not know.

Of course, every contest has a prize. The prize that you may acquire is:
-You will receive the title "Advertiser" in this forum and also 100 points for the game. Those points may be used to buy pets or other stuffs in the shop.

You may persuade other people by:
  • sending GMs through Yahoo Messenger,etc.

  • through showing them the link of this forum (located on the top of the screen)

  • or through showing the moderators images proving that you persuaded a person to join this forum

The Top 3 who got the highest persuaded people will get the 3 ranks! SHOW PROOFS! it may be images or through GM about this forum or by letting the member post anything in this forum.

Submission date:

July 24,2010, Saturday, at exactly 9pm.
Winners will be announced the next day, July 25,2010 at 9pm.

And that's it! just try your best in persuading people! Goodluck and GodBless Wink

Approved by the Forum Admin lol! Razz
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