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I think, Maybe, YES.

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I think, Maybe, YES. Empty I think, Maybe, YES.

HAPY BIRTHDAY JAJA! Dang it! This time yogi was the first one who greeted a celebrant in school. Well, better luck next time.

Anyway, gosh, what a DAY. I feel so, I don't know, kinda moody? It's actually like this, I feel like I want to get mad at somebody important to me because of something. I can't tell the reason for now. But, I don't know, there are just some times that I feel like as if I'm unwanted, or, what do you call that? in out-of-place. It's like, some will only notice those people to whom they are close to, or the ones they know better. That's why I don't want to make so much effort because I will also be the one who'll get hurt in the end.

I just don't want to waste my breath and saliva to someone who doesn't appreciate my presence. There, I said it. I just hope tomorrow would be a wonderful day. Pfft! Yeah right! As if! Sad
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Post on Thu Aug 12 2010, 00:18 by Beejay1231

Yes, I know the feeling. At times, I feel hated by the world just because of my philosophies. Very Happy

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