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PSDians. Kindly read! :)

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PSDians. Kindly read! :) Empty PSDians. Kindly read! :)

Post by lychee:3 on Mon Aug 02 2010, 23:25


Would you want to share your talent in writing?
If yes, then, don't hesitate to send your POEMS & STORIES!
It will be much appreciated!
I'm hoping that you'd be willing to send me your own masterpiece!

Kindly send it to this email:


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PSDians. Kindly read! :) Left_bar_bleue1/1000PSDians. Kindly read! :) Empty_bar_bleue  (1/1000)
PSDians. Kindly read! :) Left_bar_bleue100/100PSDians. Kindly read! :) Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
PSDians. Kindly read! :) Left_bar_bleue1/50PSDians. Kindly read! :) Empty_bar_bleue  (1/50)

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