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Top Gamer Contest!

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Top Gamer Contest! Empty Top Gamer Contest!

Post by rhasta3000 on Mon Jul 12 2010, 01:52

This Contest will only be covering the Gaming Section. The goal of the contest is to be the highest scorer at the end of every week in any of the following games:

Bloons Tower Defense 4 (6 points): The one who finishes the highest level with the hardest difficulty will win the Tower Defense Master award. Screenshot of the game for proof is required.

Diner City (2 points): The one who makes the highest score/ reaches the last level will win. Screenshot of the game for proof is also required.

Penguin Diner (5 points): Reach the highest score to win 5 points. Screenshot required.

Learn to Fly A (4 points): Reach the highest altitude to win. Screenshot required.
B (4 points): Reach the farthest distance to win. Screenshot required.

A winner for the week will obtain:
Accumulated points x 4 Money + (Money Obtained)/2 xp + Top Gamer Badge (Coming Soon!)

Note: If there is a winner in consecutive weeks, She will only recieve the money and gold accumulated for every week she wins. She will still hold a badge like a title belt.

And if one recieves 4 consecutive wins, she will win the monthly contest and obtain:
(Total accumulated money)/2 + (Acc. Gold) / 2 + Top Gamer EX Badge with special treatment for.... secret lol!

So go gamers and unite for one goal, WIN!

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Top Gamer Contest! 2yoy6i9

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