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22.o2.10: Teachers Day! :)

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22.o2.10: Teachers Day! :) Empty 22.o2.10: Teachers Day! :)

Dear Diary,

Hahah. This day was so great! You know why? We don’t have classes because it’s teachers` day! Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate! Whew! When I arrived at school my classmates was too busy doing nothing. No one’s holding a notebook. No one’s reading a book. No one’s writing. Waa! All of us we’re chatting with our friends. One of my classmates, Jamaica, brought a balloon for our decorations and we tried to make a dog shape. Lorenz was able to make a sword out of that balloon. Wow! At 7:00 we proceed to the classrooms assigned to us to guard the little children. Me and Louie we’re assigned at Grade 2 Yellowbell. o_O. OMG! When we arrived at the classroom all of them we’re dancing at the center of their room accompanied with Lady Gaga music -“Bad Romance”. Ooohh ohhhh ohhhh.Caught in a bad romance... Hahah. Time by time I’m starting to join them. We’re playing stop dance. Hep Hep Horey! Show down. Host game and many more. We’re with them for almost 3 hours. And after 3 hours their adviser sir Mel went back. Awww. I miss them. And then, we proceed at the gym to have a small program for the teachers and awarding the title of different super heroes to them. WOW! Our adviser teacher Claire is “Superman”. Congrats Maam! Very Happy Yes, you’re truly a Superman. You are always there whenever we need a help. After the program, Wohoo! The most awaited part of students in PSD. It’s Party time. Tugsh!Tugsh!Tugsh!Tugsh! Hahah. 12-3:15 we just have our party in our classroom. Laugh here. Laugh there. Eat here. Eat there. Pose here. Pose there. What a wonderful day! I wish everyday is teachers Day! ~lol.

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