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12.o2.o9: Third day of Intramural...

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12.o2.o9: Third day of Intramural... Empty 12.o2.o9: Third day of Intramural...

Dear Diary,

Wohoo! This is the last day of our intramural. This morning we watched the search for Mr. and Miss Palakasan 2010 of PSD. Wow! All the candidates of every year deserve to win the crown. There were so talented, beautiful ladies, gorgeous gentlemen, and fantabulous. Olan Viesca from “RED TAMARAW” won the title “Mr. Palakasan 2010” and Michelle Del Carmen from “YELLOW TIGER” won the title “Ms. Palakasan 2010”. Congratulations to all the candidates. Felicitations. After that, every team started to prepare for the most awaited part of all high school students, the Cheer Dance Competition. Now I just felt the spirit of intramural but still I’m having a prom hang over. Waa! ~lol. All of us prepared for this special event, we sacrificed our time in every practice, perfect the routine and win the judge heart. When the moment has come, we gave our best, ourselves, to this cheer dance competition. We danced with all our outstanding energy, we smiled as if we don’t have problems and we performed as one to win the “Piston Cup”. After our outstanding performance, other teams performed. As I watched them, little by little its like I’m losing hope. They are so good, their actions and routines were unison. But still, I prayed to God and told him that please let the “Red Tamaraw” win this competition. When Maam Mylene Santiago was going to announce the winners, all of us were nervous and excited to know who will be the winner. Maam Mylene announces first the 2nd runner up and congratulations to the “Yellow Tigers” who did a good job and deserved that price. Congratulations also to all “White Lawins” who got the 1st runner up. And now only the “Blue Eagles and Red Tamaraws” were left and still waiting for the result. Lub dub! Lub dub! Our heart beat gets faster. When Maam Mylene announced that contestant number 2 is the champion all of us were shocked and we can’t believe that we “Red Tamaraws” won the piston cup. We deserved that piston cup. Yes we deserved it. Time to celebrate; some of our teams planned to go to villagio to celebrate our victory. It was so fun that we really enjoyed playing in the Arcade Zone. We played The House of the Dead 4. Wohoo! Bang! Bang! Bang! Shake! Shake! Shake! Haha. Car racing. Wohoo! Rides here. Rides there.

This day is one of the happiest days of my life. I really enjoy this day. God gave us many blessings; strength and he guide us into the success of our intramural. Thank You Lord. Praise God! Praise God!

Go Red Tamaraws! Go! Go! Go!

I still love you very much and I always will. Iloveyou. And I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. :'c

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Post on Sun Feb 14 2010, 00:52 by mee-moy:D

u love him? same here.. LOL!! anyway , atleast he did love you ryt? Very Happy

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Post on Sun Feb 14 2010, 23:40 by sigridlouise

mee-moy:D wrote:u love him? same here.. LOL!! anyway , atleast he did love you ryt? Very Happy

heheh.~LOL! yeah! Goodluck to you han:) love you han!Smile

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