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02.02.10 ~ A Tiring Day...

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02.02.10 ~ A Tiring Day... Empty 02.02.10 ~ A Tiring Day...

Sigh. Though it was fun not having classes but still a whole day practice is tiring too you know. But I still prefer a whole day practice that classes. Haha! Wink Still, today was really fun. From 7:45 a.m - 12 p.m we had the practice for our Intramurals. It was fun and I really gave my best. I shouted on the top of my voice and tried to follow the leaders. Oh well, practice went great. Then we had our break and after that is our JS practice. We were requested to wear heels which pretty sucks 'cuz I really hate wearing heels. It makes my feet sore! But I think I'm getting the hang of it which is pretty good. Haha! La-La-La! Dance, dance, dance... Same- old, same- old. Walk, walk, pose, walk, walk, pose! Sigh. Yeah... Yeah... What made the practice really fun was the people I was talking to. They really made me laugh like there's no tomorrow! Then something happened, one of the 4th yr students collapsed. They said that she had some problem in breathing and just fainted. Oh well. Then JS practice ended. Back to Intrams practice, shout! shout! shout! Blah Blah Blah. Then I had to distribute the other JS invitations. Run there! Run here! Which made my feet sore 'cuz I was still wearing my heels Sad Sigh. Then, go there, go here. Blah- blah- blah. Made my way to our car. Then we headed to Villagio to buy my bro's shoes. Then ate. Then went home. I was really, really tired though. But still, today was fun. Thanks Bro! Wink
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