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01.30.10 ~ HAPPY BDAY TOYANG! Empty 01.30.10 ~ HAPPY BDAY TOYANG!

I know I posted this entry pretty late but heck! I keep on forgetting. LOL. Okay, let's start!

January 30 , 2010, what a fun day for us. We had an early celebration of Sigrid's birthday there in Aspire and Villagio. First, we arrived in Aspire, we saw Keith sitting there all alone (poor Keith), 'cuz she had been waiting there for an hour already. LOL! Then we crossed the fountain but decided not to get wet so we walked at the sides carefully hoping not to slip or anything Wink Then we climbed the hill, I swear the wind felt so good! Luckily Sigrid brought her 'banig'. ahaha! Then I just felt like staring at the sky. How pretty it was. Laughing and laughing while waiting for others to come. Then Carmelo came. Yay! Soundtrip! More fun, laughing, and soundtrip. We were like so bored that we talked about random stuff. Shared personal thoughts of anything we can think of. Then Lesley, together with Earl and Miko, came. I rushed to all of them and gave them a hug Wink yee! ahaha! Then, more laughing and more jokes. I was really hyper from the very beginning. I acted crazy and all, well at least they had fun Laughing. Then LA arrived, followed by the twins, Lorenz and Louie. Alas! The boardgames we requested came! Chess and Domino! Well, I didn't like playing chess or anything so we played Domino instead. Just a short game but pretty fun. Then the food came! Woot! Eating time. I was so hungry 'cuz I haven't eaten anything and it was already past 3pm. LOL! But I didn't eat that much either 'cuz I was preoccupied in talking Wink. Then we tried rolling over the hill which actually made me very dizzy. We played and played and played! Time to pack up and go to Villagio. Some wanted to take the Gondola ride but too bad the line was like gunna take forever. So they decided to go to the new spot in Villagio. They wanted to ride the rollercoaster. I didn't want to ride on that rollercoaster thing! Barely thinking of it makes my heart go wild! Just can't handle those things. Keith, Lorenz, Lesley and Louies rode the rollercoaster. LA, Sigrid and I were left there laughing. HAHA! Keith was really funny 'cuz she started shrieking the moment the rollercoaster went up. Laughing I can hear her scream above the rest. Sigh. After that, we went to Hallmark and bought Sigrid a gift which took a lil while. ahaha. Then everybody went home. I had lots of fun that day. It's really good to take a time with your friends and have fun, you know? Thanks Sigrid!
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01.30.10 ~ HAPPY BDAY TOYANG! :: Comments


Post on Wed Feb 03 2010, 06:25 by Psychid

Hope you and this "Toyang" person had a happy birthday indeed! Very Happy

BTW... who is this "Toyang" person? scratch

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Post on Wed Feb 03 2010, 23:50 by cuteako27

Ahaha. Thanks. She's one of my bestfriends Wink

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Post on Thu Feb 04 2010, 05:09 by Psychid

Is she a user on this forum? cat

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Post on Thu Feb 04 2010, 23:53 by sigridlouise

Psychid wrote:Is she a user on this forum? cat

Hey Im "TOyang" Smile

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