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01.02.10: A Month's start

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01.02.10: A Month's start Empty 01.02.10: A Month's start

01.02.10: A Month's start

It's February. The words she said are still kept in my mind. Razz.

*bump* It's February, I told myself. The activities for this month flashed in my mind. Intramurals, Junior- Senior Promenade and Valentines Day. Although I didn't care much, I was surprised by how time runs so fast. It seems just yesterday that we are all excited about the start of 3rd year. But now, It's about to end. Although it's a bit too early for me feel sad, I told myself to enjoy it to the max. Smile. I - Jade lef the morning assembly. No surprising announcements. This day, was, how do I say this, boring? We just checked test papers which I can proudly say that I got satisfactory grades. But I am just so irritated at Jaena that she kept saying that she got a low grade of 63 in math, 63! She kept bugging and bugging me and telling how her parents would react, even though I don't really care! At the last period, Sir Caballero allowed us to use gadgets with one condition, not making noise. I wouldn't mind since I will be using earphones Smile. So I did, and with Mael, we listened to music that we liked, then Kaye and Kim came along. After that, there was another cheerdance practice. But seriously, I don''t feel like it. It seems that I am just forced to do it. So I did and reached home at 6:00 pm. zzzzzzzz

O, btw, this time, I got my prom date Smile. Technically, I have 3 but the other 2 are like, half-prom date since, they want to, but hell. Smile


I'm stuck with singing songs and reciting quotes just to help myself, emotionally.

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Post on Tue Feb 02 2010, 23:58 by sigridlouise

Smile) Go HB!Smile) I keep on laughing when I read about Jaena that she keep on bugging you:)) well, I saw that yesterday!Smile) haahha. Goodluck HB! Smile) hahaha. Nice! And you have lots of prom date aa.

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