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01.o2.10: I'm Contented...

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01.o2.10: I'm Contented... Empty 01.o2.10: I'm Contented...

Dear Diary,

Just another ordinary day, when I arrived at the school, I feel so cold. OMG! I forgot my jacket at home. I'm tremulous with the cold air. By the way thanks for the gift from Louie and Lorenz. Thank You so much. I love it very much.

It’s already 6:50 when we went at the gym for the morning assembly. As usual we have our daily routine. From Prayer until Please don’t stop the music dance taught by Mr. Patubo. The whole day, we just checked our 3rd quarter exam test papers. And thank God I don’t have failing grades. I am contented with my score and I hope I got high grades in my card. Well, after that, we just have our practice of special number for the Js Prom. And as expected this day was so exhausting. I feel so tired. Writing me to my journal in this forum help me to relax. I think that’s all for this day. No preasure, No assignments, No lecture. Aaa. What a wonderful day! I wish everyday would be like this. Again, Thank You Lord and I'm contented. Yes I'm contented for what I have.

I have now decided. I will say Goodbye to you. I don't want to hurt myself again. I don't feel the old you anymore. I think everything has changed. Everything. All the love that we had was already gone. But I'm not asking you to love me again. I'm contented for what we had. Tomorrow I need to tell you something, something to clear my mind. Something to let myself understand all of what's going on. Something to let ourselves to be free. My mind says to say Goodbye now to you but my Heart says NO.Complicated.

Quote for the day:
"We're meant to lose the people we love how else are we supposed to know how important they are."
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