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30.o1.10: You Made My Day...

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30.o1.10: You Made My Day... Empty 30.o1.10: You Made My Day...

Dear Diary,

I want to thank Lord God for giving me this wonderful day. Even though its not yet my Special day. God allows me to celebrate it advance. My mom woke me up at 8:30 am~ woo! So early. We went to souq to get my dress for our Js Prom on Friday. Well, I’m not that excited. I just don’t know why. So are you excited? Hmm... I think your answer will be YES! I love my Gown very much. Simple but elegant to see. [LOL] Time runs so fast and I don’t even noticed that it’s already 12:30. I need to get dressed before 1 pm because we have a trip in aspire together with my friends to celebrate my advance birthday. So, Me,Lesley,Earl,Jienalynne,LA,Keith,Lorenz,Louie,Carmelo, and Michael met at aspire. So Keith, Jienalynne,Carmelo and Me were the one who arrived first. But Keith told us that she was there at 12:00. So she waited for the three of us for 1 hour. Hahaha. While the 4 us were waiting for the others, So that we'll not be bored we reviewed the Social Studies Quiz Reviewer. The paper with 90 items questions. We keep on laughing. Talking. Listening to Music. Telling stories. Etc. After that Lesley, Earl and Michael arrived. After a minute finally the twins arrived.

My phone rang! Krringg…Krringg… and its my mom. She delivered the food [KFC Bucket] then we eat. After eating, we decided to have fun. So me,jie,LA,Lorenz,Louie Carmelo, rolled over the hills. Whoa! I feel dizzy about what we did. My world is rotating. Hahah. We keep on laughing.hahaha. Then, we went to villagio and have our walked. We went to new extreme found near the Food court. There are many rides to try many adventured to test. I just admire the braveness of Lorenz, Louie,Keith, and Lesley who tried the fearsome roller coaster that will turn your stomach upside down. They tried it two times. Wow! Congrats to you Guys! Hahah. Then, afterwards we walk again around the villagio and went to hallmark. LA and Jie bought a gift for me. Thank you very much guys. This are their names “Hally= Dog Pillow” “Marky= Puppy Stuff toy” so if you combined those names its = “Hallmark”. Then, we went home, but Louie,Lorenz, and Keith waited for their parents so they stayed there for a while.

All in all. Thank You so much guys. You really made my day unforgettable. Even though its not yet my Special day You made it a very meaningful day. Thank You so much. I’m very Happy to that I met you guys. You’re always there for me. Thank You.Thank You.Thank You. Iloveyou:*I won’t forget this day. Specially Tomorrow. | Thank You for the advance greetings my friends. Loveyouall.

Quotes for the day:
Staying with someone you really love even if you know you two can't be together for a lot of reasons is like standing under the rain... It feels good but you know it will soon make you sick."
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