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Clubhouse Rules

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Clubhouse Rules Empty Clubhouse Rules

Post by Beejay1231 on Fri Jan 29 2010, 20:44

- You can start a club, a guild, an association, a mafia family, etc. here.

- When creating so, your organization must have the right staff. For example, in a club, you need to have a President and a Vice President. As for guilds, you need a guild master and S-class members. For a mafia family, you need one boss and six guardians. Very Happy

- Do not flame or insult.

- The only language to be used is English. No more, no less.

- Do not ostracize members unless they post nothing in your organization but spam.

- Do not spam!!

- Anyone can volunteer as a staff of your organization except if you have certain requirements. Example, to be an S-class member in a guild, you need to be active in that guild. Very Happy

- This section is not under the 1 month rule. However, if a club is considered inactive for about 3 months, it'll be closed and moved to the archive. It can also be deleted if it's a spam club.


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