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28.01.10: Exams are finished

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28.01.10: Exams are finished Empty 28.01.10: Exams are finished

28.01.10: Exams are finished

So basically, the day is tiring at first, and very pressuring knowing that Fil and chemistry subjects are at first. Everyone is so busy reviewing, here and there, then complaining to the adviser that both subjects are so hard to begin with. Everyone got their papers and started answering Fil. I actually find it's difficulty that between of moderate and hard. Then, Chemistry came up. I was really confused about some of the questions there, but I still kept on answering. Then we had a recess, nothing much happened in particular, just some regular recess. Then we took our Values exams, of which some said to be the hardest since Sir Granados is always so weird at making exams. After the exams, the performers of the performance to be performed after the exams had a practice before going to the gym for the presentation. After we're done, we headed straight for the gym for the orientation of some people. I didn't understand a thing anyone was saying that time. Blame the school for having such crappy sound system. I sat beside Louies and Lorenz. Lorenz was having his own business with Keith, who sat at the left of him, while I was having my own time with Louies. We just had conversations after conversations, talking about some other things since we really can't hear what the hell the speaker is saying. At the midst of the presentation of the orientation, people from Zircon showed up and sat behind us. They started making noise and made "fixing chairs" in their room an excuse for being so late. Although they we're very fun to be with, they are just simply noisy. After that career orientation, the 4th year and 3rd year students took their lunch break, but I didn't actually eat anything that time, 'cause I don't feel like it. While having that lunch break, the performers again had a practice, the last one. Then we go back again to the gym. Ms. Cora gave a really long speech about something related to prom behaviors, which I don't care about much. Then we had our performance. It goes well although there were some problems, but the audience didn't notice.

After everything that had happened, there is this one thing that was stuck on the minds of guys, prom date. Everyone started asking somebody. :p Good luck to everyone on that xD. Of course, including me? Then, just before going home, me, billy and aldous talked about this thing, and happily, aldous just had his prom date. Smile Since we we're the last ones left in the room, we talked and got together for almost an hour. We gave advices to each one, and also gave encouragement. ..

So overall, I just have to thank the Lord for everything that had happened today, bad or not. Wink


Razz even if i have to try all over again, i'll do it over again, and again. Until somebody of authority would intervene. Smile
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Post on Sat Jan 30 2010, 00:51 by sigridlouise

Nice Nice! HB:) Congrats:) Exams were already done:) Thank You Lord:)

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