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22.01.10: CFC-YFC Annual Sportsfest!

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22.01.10: CFC-YFC Annual Sportsfest! Empty 22.01.10: CFC-YFC Annual Sportsfest!

22.01.01: CFC - YFC Annual Sportsfest!

This day was AWESOME! Everything is nice. We Youth had our Annual Sportsfest along with the other communities. (SFC,CFC,KFC). Although I didn't participate much, It was fun hanging out again with friends Razz.

I arrived at the gym a tad late, late for almost 2 hours. "But no matter" I said to myself, since I won't participate. Haha! When I arrived, the Yellow Hunters and Red Dragons were having their competition in basketball. I saw Mael and friends from outside the gym. They were just playing with the iPhone of Kjethro. This is actually the first time I've seen so many people from different communities in one day(except for that Middle East Conference, no doubt there are many people there) and the shirt they are wearing is similar to their team color. As the event goes on, we, Billy, Mael, Joyce, Allen, Rois and the others stayed outside the gym to have ourselves our own fun,but before that, Me, Mael, Kevin, Jethro, Leviel, and Diego decided to go outside and buy something from a shop not too far from the school. We walked around in circles not knowing that the shop is just a straight walk from school. At the shop, I saw something, it is names "QBake". It's a bread. Kevin started making fun of it and shouted at the shopkeeper, "Hey this is Qbake? You sell Qbake hair?" (lol, don't worry if you don't get the joke Smile) We walked back to the school eating what we had bought. Then we had our fun. First, we played badminton, did some photoshooting, played guitar and sang along. It was just like that we had our very own world. Although some of the songs we were singing is connected to that emo genre, it was fun 'cause everyone can sing along. After doing that, the others played Volleyball also outside the gym, 'cause the gym is being used for basketball. But I stayed sitting, I borrowed Joyce's phone, played some music for myself while covering myself from the sunlight with my jacket. It was pretty damn hot! I listened again to Secondhand Serenade songs (\m/) and some worship songs. I was starting to get sleepy again since I was doing nothing. After awhile, I got hungry and decided to get some food from different teams. Just before the awarding started, the different teams had their cheer presentation. During that time, Brother Mack happen to have found out that one of the SFC is actually the brother of the guitarist from the band Typecast. I was so confused on why is here. In the awarding part, I actually didn't care. Niko brought out his laptop and started to play DotA. He played as Black Arachnia the Broodmother. After the awarding, everyone left the school. Back then I thought I was the only one left waiting for the transport then I saw Allen also waiting for his transport. We sat together just behind the gates and shared moments from school life. We talked about the teachers, different kinds of classmates you may have and more. After waiting for like 15 minutes, our transports finally arrived. I thought I was going straight for home, but I just knew that we were going to a children's party. I was so annoyed Neutral. I wanted to go home as soon as possible though. We stayed there for like 1 hour and 30 minutes. Then we got home.

I turned on the laptop, started doing my things and stuff.

Although it is SUPPOSED to be a happy and fun day, there was a bit of sadness and a feeling of pain during the day. I guess it's not that easy.

</3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3 </3

So now I tell you, stop crying. 'Cause it hurts inside just seeing you like that. Now I'm telling you that I love you once again. Just believe it...

I still love you, even though we can only be friends, for real.

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22.01.10: CFC-YFC Annual Sportsfest! :: Comments


Post on Sat Jan 23 2010, 04:25 by sigridlouise

mahalkosicarmelo! wow what a day!Smile you really enjoy!Smile well, yeah about that sadness, Yes you can't ran with that feeling:) Im always here to help you mahalkosicarmelo:). And yeah! she should believe in you.Smile

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Post on Sat Jan 23 2010, 20:24 by cuteako27

Wow. What a day! That was so fun, huh? I know the feeling. Even if you're having fun, somewhere at the back of your mind is that sadness you know. Why don't you prove her that you really love her.

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Post on Sat Jan 23 2010, 22:09 by mahalkosicarmelo

cuteako27 wrote:Wow. What a day! That was so fun, huh? I know the feeling. Even if you're having fun, somewhere at the back of your mind is that sadness you know. Why don't you prove her that you really love her.

gonna try explaining everything in the next journal Smile

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Post on Sat Jan 23 2010, 23:46 by cuteako27

Oh! Best of luck! Smile

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