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Your Polygon

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Your Polygon Empty Your Polygon

Performed by: Barney and Friends of III- Amethyst
Composed by: Alyssa Madriaga
Music by: Priscilla Mendez and Louies Dequina
Concept by: Michella Reyes
Produce by: Bubbly Billy Production

Alyssa Madriaga
Michella Reyes
LA Pastrana
Mae Bondoc
Billy Gonzales
Louie Dequina
Lalaine Lucero
Ian Enanoza
Dianne Garduce
Priscilla Mendez
Pauline Vitalez
Kaye Prado
Kim Espinoza
Jaena Moyano
Sigrid Collado
Earl Abayon
Carmelo Lacbayan

Lyrics:"Your Polygon"

Stanza 1:
Another day is here
Get up, get dressed, its clear
Im candy-coated, black or white
But see the colors in this light

Stanza 2:
Another day is here
Look at me! Do you see?
Im living in a square,
But, do you think they care?...

So Let me tell you this
Be sure not to miss
Just rock out the life
Let your square be rhombus, its fine!

Tell me what youre thinking!
Stop all pretending
You have all the choices,
Make the best of traces!
Let it! Let it! Let it out!
Your polygon
Your polygon

Stanza 3:
Another day is here
Its me again, its too cliché
Why cant a triangle
Be once a rectangle

Stanza 4:
Another day is here
Im in the corner, so whats the order
Why cant unequal
Be once so equal

Let me tell you this
Take note of this bliss
Just rock out the life
Let your square be rhombus, its fine!

*Repeat Chorus*

Cant you even see me?
Every segments, every angles in me
Trapezoid, thats my life
Not all parallel in your sight
Cause the colors of the world
Will never reach my eye! (2x)

Another day has passed
But still youre here, with all those fears
Shadows of you, is a part
But the real you is an art

Its fine!
Its fine!

REpeat Chorus.
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