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19.01.10: Memories of a Writer

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19.01.10: Memories of a Writer Empty 19.01.10: Memories of a Writer

Since I got myself into writing literature, I could say that I have improved dramatically since my first story. The fact is, the first story I wrote is a script-type story which does not actually fall under the story category. I started out with writing fanfictions. I'm sure you're familiar with the term. I'm still writing fanfictions currently and I'll never leave it.

The first story I made is entitled The Rabbit. It is about a rabbit boasting about his ability but ends up being beaten by the traps of a turtle. It's quite common but I did it in a different way. I made the turtle clever. I wrote it when I was about 8 years old.

When I aged 13, I started writing fanfiction and was successful at my first try. But, my stories were not that detailed. After months of writing, I received my first heavy critique. But it's not actually a critique since the reviewer only said bad things. It made me delete my fanfiction. However, when I aged 14, I realized I was wrong and continued writing fanfictions and stories. For that, my current fanfiction reacher over 20 chapters.

And through the road of writing, I encountered three concepts in my mind. Those concepts created Blader Zeo, Crest, and Silver. And, I have once again devised another concept and story. My fourth one is entitled 'Draconis'.

I'll continue writing and pursue my goal of publishing these stories. Thanks to everyone who read my journal entry. Very Happy


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