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Post by Beejay1231 on Sun Jan 17 2010, 02:40

Here's the preview:

It was class time. The voices of everyone in class were booming as loud as a scream. There was no wonder. It was the first day of Junior Highschool after all. The classroom was neither big nor small. It was average; perfect for a class consisting of 35 students. The bell rang but everyone was still as loud as before.

But, silence overwhelmed the class. Everyone was shocked, including the teacher herself. A silver-haired boy of their age wearing the same uniform entered the class. He was familiar to everyone. The students' eyes widened, as if they've seen a ghost. He approached a bunch of ten boys.

"It's been quite some time. How's everyone doing?" he asked with a carefree and mischievous smile present on his face. His face was so pale and white, his eyes were grayish black. One look at him and you would notice his lack of spirit.

"It can't be......" uttered one of the ten boys. "Silver.....Silver Fade."

The boy was a bit fat and has black hair with the front part spiked. Fang Snappe, his name. He was far nervous than anyone else. Sweat drops were travelling his cheeks. He tried to utter a word and open his mouth but he couldn't. This was an unexpected turn of events.

"Fang, how are you doing?" he turned to Fang as he swiftly moved beside him. Silence grew. Everyone had their eyes fixated on the silver-haired boy. With another swift move, he moved closer to the nervous young man.

"My creator......I need your soul. Take the key and open the path." he whisphered with an evil look.

The soul has spoken.....a new story: The Imaginary Chapter 1: Fade to Silver


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