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Memelo's Journal

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  • 20100211
    08.02.10: Satisfying

    Err, well. Prom hangover =)). When I arrived at the room, the song Forevermore is being played. Looks like Amethyst needs more than one prom in a month. Smile). Seriously, this day, shared more about the experiences in prom, the dances, who and how many ladies/guys, and stuff. At first, in the morning, I danced with Priscilla to the song Forevermore, though some are crying that time 'bout something I don't know. Then at the afternoon, prom queen danced with me halfway of the song I'll...

    by mahalkosicarmelo - Comments: 0 - Views: 278
  • 20100206
    05.02.10: Junior - Senior Promenade

    Finally, the most awaited day. The JS prom. Excited much? When I first entered the Al Majlis at Sheraton, I can't wait for the event to start especially that dance part. Things happened, Cotillion, Presentations and more. Well, the awarding part was very, well, shocking. Well, at least for me. Then the most awaited part, the dancing time. First dance, of course, the date for the night. The song then was very sentimental, a minus-one of the song I'll be. Though, i must admit I was actually pressured between who will I dance the first. Then songs came...

    by mahalkosicarmelo - Comments: 3 - Views: 284
  • 20100202
    01.02.10: A Month's start

    It's February. The words she said are still kept in my mind. Razz.

    *bump* It's February, I told myself. The activities for this month flashed in my mind. Intramurals, Junior- Senior Promenade and Valentines Day. Although I didn't care much, I was surprised by how time runs so fast. It seems just yesterday that we are all excited about the start of 3rd year. But now, It's about to end. Although it's a bit too early for me feel sad, I told myself to enjoy it to the max....

    by mahalkosicarmelo - Comments: 1 - Views: 215
  • 20100202
    31.01.10: Sweat much?

    GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna freaking scream.

    This day, started with an assembly from school led by II - Topaz. At the end, Ms Reyes announced that we will have our cheerdance practices and JS Prom practice for 3rd years and 4th years.! Ha in your faces 1st and 2nd years. So we don't have classes! Of course, everyone was so happy then. "No classes! woot, no Chemistry! Smile)". We, 3rd years are assigned to the place in front of the...

    by mahalkosicarmelo - Comments: 0 - Views: 189
  • 20100202
    30.01.10: Party @ Aspire Park

    wow, started the day with waking up in the morning. This day was so much fun. Me, Keith, Jhie, Lorenz, Louie, Lesley, Earl, Miko and the berdey girl, Sigrid, celebrated Sigrid's brithday a day early! Although it was just for a short while, I had fun with them. Rolling over the hills, soundtripping and the likes are some of the things that we did. Although I left a bit early, the others rode the rides in Villagio. Also, this day, I got my polo to be worn underneath the coat and tie for the JS - Prom.

    by mahalkosicarmelo - Comments: 1 - Views: 268
  • 20100201
    28.01.10: Weird Friday

    OMG! It's friday, I'm supposed to be at church but, felt tired. Anyways, started the day off with waking up, opening the desktop, starting to play, up until 11:00 am, then I took a bath, and played again after until 12:00. Then we went to Deacon's house, in order to show our condolence. My mom stayed there and my dad took me to the school for the cheer dance practice. I think I went there a bit too early. There we're just few people and most are from Aqua and Sapphire. Then after waiting, Kristine, Jasper, Eric and Priscilla came along. We just talked and had a...

    by mahalkosicarmelo - Comments: 0 - Views: 188
  • 20100124
    28.01.10: Exams are finished

    So basically, the day is tiring at first, and very pressuring knowing that Fil and chemistry subjects are at first. Everyone is so busy reviewing, here and there, then complaining to the adviser that both subjects are so hard to begin with. Everyone got their papers and started answering Fil. I actually find it's difficulty that between of moderate and hard. Then, Chemistry came up. I was really confused about some of the questions there, but I still kept on answering. Then we had a recess, nothing much happened in particular, just some regular recess....

    by mahalkosicarmelo - Comments: 1 - Views: 216
  • 20100123
    22.01.01: CFC - YFC Annual Sportsfest!

    This day was AWESOME! Everything is nice. We Youth had our Annual Sportsfest along with the other communities. (SFC,CFC,KFC). Although I didn't participate much, It was fun hanging out again with friends Razz.

    I arrived at the gym a tad late, late for almost 2 hours. "But no matter" I said to myself, since I won't participate. Haha! When I arrived, the Yellow Hunters and Red Dragons were having their competition in basketball. I saw Mael...

    by mahalkosicarmelo - Comments: 4 - Views: 225
  • 20100122
    21.01.10 A sad day for..

    zzz, another day again. Well this day actually is very sad, very "emo"(in other languages). Just from the start of the day, I feel like crying, I don't know why.

    Starting the day off with the morning assembly in the classroom. Which Ms. Claire demands the class to sing her LSS song, Still by Hillsong. This song have something in value for me. And, well English and Computer class passed by. Recess came along. During these times, I am feeling a little down. Something just came by me. And then, we had this, FREE time during values and...

    by mahalkosicarmelo - Comments: 5 - Views: 243
  • 20100121
    20.01.10: A great day

    Today was awesome! II - Quartz led us to the morning assembly along with their adviser, and sarcastically our favorite teacher, Sir. Jacob. Smile) . Although same things happen everyday, I would like to cite what these events are.

    Morning assembly, same old, same old. Just forming a line, put your hands together, to the chest, raise it up, and dance. Same events in subjects, play,read, and write. But of course I had my long test in math, which I slept in after answering...

    by mahalkosicarmelo - Comments: 4 - Views: 203

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