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Gaming Board FAQs!

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Gaming Board FAQs!

Post by rhasta3000 on Sat Jul 10 2010, 03:32

Q: Why can't I see the game?
A: The game is always in the first post of a topic. Try refreshing the page or update your flash. If the game is in shockwave format, then try downloading and installing Macromedia Shockwave to your machine.

Q: I finished a game and I want to share my score. Where will I post it?
A: You can post your personal score or a screenshot of the game you've played in the same topic of that specific game.

Q: Where can I find multiplayer games so that I could play with my friends in the forum?
A: A multiplayer game can be indicated in 2 ways:
1. (Online) - it can be played by 2 or more players with different machines/computers.
2. (Multi-play) - it can be played by 2 or more players in the same machine/computer.
Note: A game can be indicated with both options.


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