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Cheesy and Corny Love quotes Part 1

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Cheesy and Corny Love quotes Part 1

Post by ellamich on Fri Jul 09 2010, 17:01

The following are just made for Beryl forums. Hope you guys like it.

~ Do you know you're like a pencil case, because you kept me in order?

~ Do you know you're my spiderman because you saved me when I was in the pit of my life?

~ Do you know you're like a tape because you fixed the broken parts of me?

~ Do you know you're like a coconut tree, because you're my tree of life?

~ Now I'm voiceless because I kept screaming your name.

~ Look at me now I have eyebugs, because last night I stayed up all night staring at your picture.

~ I guess you're like water because I can't live without you.

~ I'm like a horse because it's only you I see.

~ I hope I'm T so I could be close to U.

~ You're like the dictionary of my life because you gave meaning to it.

*These are all due to being in love. I love you 40.23! Hehehe...

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