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21.01.10 A sad day for...

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21.01.10 A sad day for...

21.01.10 A sad day for..

zzz, another day again. Well this day actually is very sad, very "emo"(in other languages). Just from the start of the day, I feel like crying, I don't know why.

Starting the day off with the morning assembly in the classroom. Which Ms. Claire demands the class to sing her LSS song, Still by Hillsong. This song have something in value for me. And, well English and Computer class passed by. Recess came along. During these times, I am feeling a little down. Something just came by me. And then, we had this, FREE time during values and chem, when we did nothing but have fun and play inside the room. But first, Aldous and his company were going to different classes in order to advertise the songs for prom, and some of Amethyst students decided to go, including me. But then, bro started acting weird with the "go away, we're too many" crap. Which irritated most of the guys who wanted also to advertise the songs for prom. By then, I walked my way back to the room and snatched the guitar from anyone who used it at that time. I told them that I would just like to express my feelings through music since I have to, and I needed to, in order to get through the one I wanted to dedicate the songs to. I started playing Secondhand Serenade songs, I can start to relate to the songs, especially "The Last Song Ever". And then going playing Your Own Disaster by Taking Back Sunday really gave me the creeps. Tears started falling. I was controlled by mixed emotions. But then I was so happy that I could express it in a way that other aren't harmed and involved. Tears fell as I continue playing that song. Other people started to notice me, sitting almost at the corner of the room, playing sad songs. To some, it may be because of love, 'cause that is the most common these days. But I don't know, maybe they're right....Then the PSD Idol Contest came and we had to leave the room for the gym. I walked slowly as the other students pass by and head for the doors. I sat behind Ian, in front of Paul and beside Riamme. I was feeling really tired by then. In the middle of the event, I began saying sorry to those who I felt that I had shaken them off during the time I was having the "time for myself". Just before 3:15, Jaja took my guitar and played songs with Ruby. I didn't notice it. She was crying too. Neutral What is happening this day?!

But I guess what I really want is her to be happy, even though her being happy doesn't include me. Neutral

Full of sadness, sorrows, pain, and misery. Sometimes people know me as a guy who is very cheerful, jolly and wants to share joy with everyone. But please, I beg you. Please don't be very judgmental as there are also opposites. Don't be alarmed if I do something out of the ordinary.

"I dare you to forget the marks you left across my neck from the nights when we were both found at out BEST. And I could have made this obvious but you could DENY it, all in one breath, you can shrug me off your shoulders" Your own disaster - Taking back sunday

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" People never know how special SOMEONE is unless they lose them, but then I think it is better to LEAVE so they are given the chance to see how special that SOMEONE really is!"

I love you so much, don't be so cold, I know you know.
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21.01.10 A sad day for... :: Comments


Post on Fri Jan 22 2010, 02:35 by Beejay1231

Yeah. I was pretty pissed off at him too because of that. It can't be helped though. Some people are just like that.

This part in your entry struck something:

But I guess what I really want is her to be happy, even though her being happy doesn't include me.

A sign, perhaps? Lol XD

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Post on Fri Jan 22 2010, 02:37 by mahalkosicarmelo

eheh cool huh? Smile)

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Post on Fri Jan 22 2010, 02:51 by sigridlouise

aww.honeybunch! so sad... Sad huhuhu..yeah it really hurts you a lot when you see the one you love cries knowing that those tears is not because you... Don't be afraid to express what you feel to her... Someday she will notice you crying knowing its all because of her... HB im here.Smile you can do it:) We can do it..'


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Post on Fri Jan 22 2010, 02:52 by mahalkosicarmelo

sigridlouise wrote:


haha laughed so hard remembering this line! hahahahahaha. with accent too XD

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Post on Fri Jan 22 2010, 18:54 by cuteako27

I've read your journal and now I'm crying. ahaha. At first really, I ddn't know you had your problems. But one time at school, can't remember when though, I felt you were so sad. Sad

"But I guess what I really want is her to be happy, even though her being happy doesn't include me." -- this line is very, very true Sad( Sad( Sad(

And btw. for the Prom Music thingy. I'm really sorry. On behalf of those people, I'm truly sorry. Sad( I became insensitive again. I didn't even considered how would you guys feel. I hate myself for that. But I'm really sorry. Sad( Hope you can understand....

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